The Peter Moss Acute Myeloid / Lymphoblastic Leukemia AI Research Project


The project is being coordinated by a group of volunteers with experience in computer vision / natural language processing, Leukemia research, Biochemistry, Molecular Biophysics, Immunology and Bioinformation. The purpose of the project is to share public information related to AML/ALL, as well as open source projects aimed at early dectection with convolutional neural networks, using natural language understanding for AML/ALL chatbots, and R&D for discovering potential candidates for drugs for AML/ALL.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Estela Cabezas

Innovator - Intel

Estela Cabezas recently received her BSc in Biotechnology. After some years of experience in laboratories Estela realized how important it is to have a good IT background to follow up with the latest research updates in the biological sector. Estela was introduced to the project by Adam in early 2019 to get assistance from the team for her thesis. Since then Estela has volunteered her time to two, coming up to 3 events representing the project, and coming up to her second time representing the project as an Intel Software Innovator. .

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