Should I Rust, or Should I Go?


Rust and Google’s Go language (Golang/Go) is an integral part of modern back-end software development to solve specific business needs. Features and performance of Go and Rust is a much debated topic among developers and enterprises. So, should I Rust, or should I Go?. Simply put, where is that magical realm of simple and scalable technology stack, code, and, bullet fast performance? And in this case, is it Rust, or is it Go? And, when is it Rust and when Go? To find out, join me in this journey as we explore these avenues.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Maria Shoaib

Software Engineer - Ericsson

Maria (@mariashoaib01) is a Pakistani woman in technology, currently working as a Software Engineer at Ericsson, Sweden. Previously, Maria has worked in both Software Engineering and Product Development areas within web, mobile, and, cloud. She earned a Masters in Computer Science on the prestigious Fulbright scholarship from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, USA and is a Grace Hopper Scholar. She also leads the initiative Stemming From Her to empower women and bridge the gender gap in STEM fields through awareness and technical workshops and field trips.

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