How to build Javascript-powered Smartglasses(without any soldering knowledge)


After having worked at an AR-focused company with the Vuzix, a Google Glass-like product, Ruben had a lot of fun with the hardware and really wanted to have one at home to play around with. Unfortunately, they are too expensive to get one just for hobby purposes. This session will cover what was required to build his own wearable, the pitfalls, the compromises, and the sheer joy of saying "Screw it, I'll build it myself!".

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Ruben van der Leun

Web and XR Developer - Leunix

Ruben has practically been a Software Developer all his life. Starting off with GW-Basic, QBasic and a bit of Pascal, he went to college to learn more about .NET. However, when he got his first job, he found himself diving into the wonderful world of Web development and remained there ever since. By day, he is a Freelance Software Developer, currently working at the KLM. By night, he plays around with realities, both Virtual and Augmented. He tends to evangelise about these topics wherever he can, as long as there are people around willing to listen.

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