Bank on the outside, start-up on the inside: developing software @ scale


Building decoupled software is essential when you want to maintain velocity while developing a product in a global, distributed way. However, following the wrong parameters will handicap your quality assurance. How to be sure your product works? I’m a staunch advocate of using unit tests. They are faster and less flaky than integrated tests and allow you to scale up like a startup. Don’t be fooled! Integrated tests will kill your product. Among other things I will introduce the concept of contract testing and show you examples of PACT, the most suitable Java library to implement this concept.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

José San Román Álvarez de Lara

CIO - ING Bank España

José is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of ING Bank in Spain, responsible for developing the local IT strategy and aligning it with ING’s global ambition to build the digital bank of the future. Before joining ING as a software architect in 2005, he helped various tech companies to construct complex applications and systems using advanced software engineering methodologies, tools and practices. In particular he’s an avid fan of Agile, XP, devops and continuous delivery. Passionate about innovation and technology, he also loves MTB downhill and occasionally runs.

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