Building the Decentralized Metaverse


Today we’re going to build the metaverse. It’s a term that comes from science fiction meaning a collection of 3D virtual worlds inhabited by millions of avatars, like the digital universe in “Ready Player One”. So, web developers, why do you care? Well, support for Virtual and Augmented Reality on the Web brings this to life. As we prepare to move into the metaverse, we should ask ourselves what we want that new reality to look like, and perhaps more importantly, how it should be run. Throughout the talk, I’ll explain how each piece of the puzzle works with demos and code.

Language: Spanish

Level: Intermediate

Alberto Elias

Founder - Simbol

Alberto is building Simbol, the identity system for VR and AR. He's participating in the communities behind the WebXR and DID specifications. He was previously a senior developer at Financial Times, building the component system that was the technical backbone behind all the FT's digital content. Before that, he started and organized GDG Murcia for over 2 years and was a Young Advisor to the VP of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes.

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