The soul of the beast: Everything about Python's grammar


What makes Python so easy to learn and read? Other languages also have a compelling ecosystem and standard library, but Python somehow stands out on how easy it is to understand existing code and how quickly and pleasantly people can learn it. In this talk, we'll learn everything about the Python Grammar: how the Python parser is generated and how it works, how the technical details of the grammar translate into language features, what are the limitations that prevent some grammar rules from being implemented, and finally, how to include new grammar rules in the form of a new operator.

Language: Spanish

Level: Advanced

Pablo Galindo

Software Developer - Bloomberg

Pablo Galindo Salgado works in the Python Infrastructure team at the Software Infrastructure department at Bloomberg L.P. He is a CPython core developer and a Theoretical Physicist specialized in general relativity and black hole physics. He has also a cat but he does not code.

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