VBoard, making web dashboards in VR (and AR)


There are plenty of tools that can analyze data in many ways, but just a few of them try to visualize this data in new ways. This is the aim of VBoard, a 100% open source web application that allows building visualizations and dashboards in 3D, VR and AR using A-Frame as its core render library. In this talk I will show the functionality of VBoard, starting with a general overview, its installation steps and a simple step by step user guide. All of this in order to build a 3D, VR and AR dashboard from scratch. I will show examples of what kind of visualization/dashboard you can build.

Language: Spanish

Level: Intermediate

David Moreno

Front-end developer - Bitergia

I have studied a Degree in engineering in telecommunication technologies at University Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid - Spain), then I studied a master's degree in telecommunication engineering and now I'm studying a PhD related to Data visualization in Virtual and Augmented Reality. My current interests include: VR/AR/XR in Web, JavaScript and Web Programming in general, Data visualization, and everything related to Data science and new technologies. I love creating 3D things with my 3D printer and I'm a board game lover.

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