Asistentes de voz, una charla para dominarlos a todos


Los intefaces de voz se están convirtiendo en una realidad cada vez más presente en nuestro día a día y en miles de dispositivos diferentes. Con una caso de uso conocido, como sería pedir comida a domicilio, hemos querido elaborar la misma "app" para distintas plataformas y comparar los pros y contras de cada una. Veremos que implica "pedir comida a domicilio" con una app para Alexa, Dialog Flow (Google) o usando una tecnología agnóstica como LUIS (Language Understanding) de Microsoft. Cubriremos el ciclo de desarrollo completo así como su posterior distribución a los dispositivos.

Language: Spanish

Level: Beginner

Joaquin Engelmo Moriche

Principal Software Engineer - Telefónica

Do you know that workmate that is always bothering you about testing, readability, naming and so on? Well, that’s me and I am not going to be different in my talk. Let me apologize in advance for the inconvenience :) I am a principal software engineer working at Telefonica, an international network operator based in Spain. I have 5+ years of experience in JVM backend technologies and strong skill in testing. Speaker in Spanish conferences, as Codemotion, and in dev meetups. My sexy accent will conquer you even if you are not interested in what I am saying. Don’t worry: I’m used to

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Diego Zapico

Consultant - Any

I work thinking before in people and last in the technologies. From my university stage I work with Microsoft technology stack and try to develop everything with the cloud in mind for a great scalability. You can follow me at @dzapic0

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Jordi Martí


Currently, working on inithealth team, I really believe technology can help us to achieve a healthier life style. Smartbands, activity tracking monitors, smartwatches, ... all of them are here to stay. I believe @inithealth will find the way to make them really useful for society. We will find the key, for a healthier and better world. I believe adding value through constant and iterative learning and a vision focused team work. I just had the opportunity, through my professional life and my latest pet projects, to have deepen my knowledge about bots and voice interfaces.

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