Panel - The Role of Engineering Manager


In this panel, we will get unique insights into the minds of Engineering Managers, how do they set an example for hundreds of developers, and make choices that shape the whole organization. Many questions will be there: How do you manage and empower your team? How do you evaluate whether you are doing a good job? Do you still code, and how often? Hear engineering managers from SuperAwesome, CircleCI, and sharing their experiences. During our open discussion, you will learn about their experiences and have the chance to ask all your burning questions!

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Thiago de Faria

Head of Solutions Engineering - LINKIT

Thiago started in Pure Mathematics, jumped to predicting things and realized it was utterly dependent on understanding the inner bits of software development and data pipelines. Thus, his primary concern changed: how to bridge the gap between ML and production? :-) DataOps FTW! He is an active part of the community (devopsdays Amsterdam, ITNEXT & Codemotion), a knowledge-sharer, a proud father and a DataOps Lead. Thiago is pathologically curious and a continuous learner. He knows that high-performing data teams must decrease time-to-market and build production-ready applications, always!

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Lena Reinhard

Director of Engineering - CircleCI

Lena is currently Director of Engineering at CircleCI. After a career in finance, arts, and media, Lena found herself working in tech and at age 26 co-founded her first software company and became a CEO. Over the years, Lena hs been supporting distributed engineering organisations around the world, helping them deliver great products while continuously learning through inclusive cultures and growth-oriented feedback. She is also a proficient writer, photographer, and forever a learner.

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Piergiorgio Niero

Head of Engineering - SuperAwesome

With 15+ years of experience across the web, gaming and IT automation industries, Piergiorgio is pioneering the kidtech space as Head of Engineering at SuperAwesome (the fastest growing UK tech company as ranked by the Financial Times). He leads the engineering team that enables a safer internet for kids, and shares with them his passion for building things that never existed before.

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Oscar Fanelli

Engineering Manager - Meetup

Oscar Fanelli is an Engineering Manager at Meetup. People at WeWork use to say "work to make a life, not just a living", and this summarizes his career. Early in his career, he founded a challenging Italian editorial website about videogames, switched from Full-Stack Engineer to Engineering Manager in Tom's Hardware, and landed as Software Architect in eLearnSecurity. Growing successfully his first multi-country startup, Uala, as CTO and co-founder, is one of his greatest accomplishments. Oscar loves to spend time with his family between one slice of pizza and a trip with his car in Europe.

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