Shola Oyedele

Senior Engineering Consultant - IBM

Shola Oyedele is a Senior Engineering Consultant at IBM. She provides expertise in technology and strategic thinking to Tech, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas enterprise clients looking to innovate and improve their data and technology. Prior to her current role, she worked as a Software Engineer at Walker & Company (acquired by Proctor and Gamble) and Intuit. She holds a BS in Science, Technology & Society from Stanford University.

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Engineering Consulting: The Next Wave of Innovation

Data mining minimized inefficiency, which helped startups understand the modern consumer and maximize profit. In this next age, data continues to lead the way but with a new face - enterprise. Older enterprise companies are beginning to cash in their most valuable currency and they're employing consultants to do it. Tech startups made entrepreneurship a household name but it's going to be enterprises and their consultants, equipped with terabytes of consumer data, who usher in the next wave of tech innovation. Here's how you can be apart of it.

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