Maria Shoaib

Software Engineer - Ericsson

Maria (@mariashoaib01) is a Pakistani woman in technology, currently working as a Software Engineer at Ericsson, Sweden. Previously, Maria has worked in both Software Engineering and Product Development areas within web, mobile, and, cloud. She earned a Masters in Computer Science on the prestigious Fulbright scholarship from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, USA and is a Grace Hopper Scholar. She also leads the initiative Stemming From Her to empower women and bridge the gender gap in STEM fields through awareness and technical workshops and field trips.

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A Tale of Alliance: Security Risks in Blockchain Technology

As the IT industry is growing, so are the challenges in using the blockchain technology. The aim of this talk is to introduce the importance of blockchain security. The first half of the talk will begin with the basic understanding of blockchain followed by driving features, and, what makes this technology so popular. The talk will incorporate some thought-provoking questions such as, whether blockchain can be made totally unhackable or not. The second half of the talk will cover the classic hack of the Ethereum cryptocurrency identified by Coinbase security team that happened in January 2019.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available