Faiz Malkani

Designer - Agrahyah Technologies

Faiz is a Google Expert for Design, working at Agrahyah Technologies. He helps designer and developer teams build usable and accessible products, evangelizing inclusive design, accessible technology, and community building.

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Building Products for a World Without Screens

We’re moving fast towards a world without screens, with 30% of all searches set to happen without a screen by 2020. Voice is the new touch, and most of it remains uncharted territory, since building for the ear is very different than building for the eyes. This talk is about building a successful product for a voice-first world through our experiences as India’s first voice agency. One will learn of the similarities and differences when developing for voice compared to screen-oriented mediums, how to create engaging experiences where customers can easily find what they need via voice.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available