Niklas Heidloff

Developer - IBM

Throughout his career, Niklas Heidloff has always been a champion of innovative application development and an active supporter in the open source software community. After helping drive the success of a German startup, Niklas accepted a position with IBM as a software architect and spent the next years traveling internationally, invigorating developer communities around various social and mobile technologies. In his current role, Niklas Heidloff is working as a Developer Advocate helping educate developers on new cloud based application development tools and techniques.

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How to develop your first cloud-native Applications with Java

For cloud native-applications, Kubernetes and Istio provide out-of-the-box a variety of key functionality that works generically for microservices, for example traffic routing. However, some functionality must be implemented in the business logic of the microservices, for example application-specific metrics and fine-grained authorizations. In this session, I'll use a concrete example to show how to create microservices with Java EE and Eclipse MicroProfile and how to roll out and run them on Kubernetes. I use my end-to-end example "cloud-native-starter", which is available as open source.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

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