Tina Rauschenbach

Lead User Experience Design - Caruso GmbH

Tina is the Lead User Experience Designer at Caruso - a start-up in the automotive industry. With her expertise, she influences product development, organizes customer workshops, and loves to use her creative mind. Previously, Tina was at SAP for six years, where she consulted other application teams and created innovative design concepts that are the basis for bringing SAP's product portfolios closer together.

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5 Steps to Boost your Design Skills as a Non-Designer

How often have you created a presentation, needed to quickly do some changes on the user interface, or just needed a simple illustration? How often have you racked your brain about the design and wondered why it is so difficult to just create something that looks nice? In this talk, you will get some easy tips that you can apply in your daily work. Forget the time when you needed hours to come up with an acceptable presentation. After the talk, you will have the right toolset and methods to identify your mistakes and know how to correct them.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

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