Lee Boonstra

Developer Advocate - Google

Lee Boonstra is a Conversational AI Developer Advocate at Google. In this role she is focusing on Dialogflow, Contact Center AI & Speech technology. She is based in Amsterdam, and an O’Reilly published author. She has been working with different technologies in the past 15 years, ranging from Web/Mobile Technology, Ext JS, Sencha Touch, Node.js, Conversational AI, Dialogflow, Actions on Google and Contact Centers. Over the years she has helped many brands & enterprises to build and deploy Conversational AI solutions (chatbots and voice assistants) at enterprise scale. She’s worn different ha

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Machine Learning Fairness - What can we do to create smarter and more inclusive products?

As an AI-first company, Google aims to develop the benefits of machine learning for everyone. Building inclusive machine learning algorithms is crucial to help make the world’s information universally useful and accessible. ML fairness is a critical consideration in machine learning development. This session will present a few lessons Google has learned through our products and research and how developers can apply these learnings in their own efforts. This session will enable developers to proactively think about fairness in product development.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

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