Anders Norås

CTO - Itera

Originally educated in arts and design, Anders has spent the last twenty years writing code. He has presented at conferences worldwide on various technical topics throughout the years. He is known for giving inspiring talks with loads of energy.

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Highscores: A Brief History of Computer Music

Computer programmed music has come a long way since the CSIR Mark 1 played a scratchy Colonel Bogie back in the early 1950s. In this talk we'll go on a journey through the history of music made with code. We'll meet the pioneers who invented computer music, visit classic video game soundtracks, learn how computer musicians made big sounds with tiny tech, how algorithms create never-ending soundtracks and the huge impact computer music has had on popular culture. Expect lots of nostalgia, vintage code on vintage computers and a musical experience of epic proportions.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Videos and slides not available

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