Roy Braam

Architect and developer - JPoint

Roy Braam is a Developer/Architect at JPoint. He loves Java, DevOps, and everything that comes with developing good solutions. Being a real developer he likes to spend his time as much as possible developing. Besides that as an architect, he loves software architecture and solving "the bigger' puzzle.

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End-to-End test architectures, a dead End road

With the rise of Distributed Architecture, independent DevOps teams and automated CI/CD the End-to-End test environments needs to be reconsidered. They become flaky, shaky, untrustworthy and hard to maintain. Why are End-to-End test environments a dead End road and what are the alternatives. Why are people still using these so called 'production-like' test environments and how can we achieve the same level of software quality without them. After attending this talk I hope people are questioning the end-2-end test environments. I will give some ideas on how to solve the testing problems in a di

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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