Maureen Botoman

Director of Engineering - Pluralsight

Maureen Botoman is an engineering leader with a passion for fostering autonomy in individuals and teams. Currently Maureen is working as the Director of Engineering for the learner engagement group for enterprise technology skills platform Pluralsight, Inc. She leads cross functional teams focused on creating experiences that add value for learners, motivating them to develop consistent learning habits. Maureen coaches teams to develop trust with each other and leadership, through fostering a culture of self-improvement and feedback.

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How to Embrace Discomfort and be an Effective Ally

All this talk about diversity in tech has you uncomfortable. You see room for improvement and want to be part of the solution, but you aren't sure how to engage. You respect women and minorities; you want them to thrive. But what can you do? The answer is quite simple: Be an ally. In this talk, we will discuss ways to be an effective ally. We will talk about recognizing our cognitive biases, sharing our privilege and occasionally being a little uncomfortable to lift the technology community.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

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