Jonathan Rigby

Director - Expedia

Jonathan is an experienced manager of a number of teams at Expedia. A former developer who moved into a Tech Lead role about 10 years ago, he has a wide range of experience of managing a variety of teams both onshore and offshore, across a number of industries. He is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Management Institute and a strong advocate of employee engagement initiatives. He recently pioneered and runs the Engineering Leadership Program (HELP). In his spare time, he is a keen Open Water Swimmer and competes in an occasional triathlon.

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How long is a piece of string: The key to solving the conundrum of software estimation.

We’ve probably all been asked to come up with a set of software estimates for a project with very little detail, very little time to do it and plenty of quizzical looks when it’s given. Writing software is very rarely like painting a room, where a person can reasonably give an estimate to the nearest day. Between tech debt, lack of useful documentation and a new requirement never done before, it is very hard for a software team and the lead developer to come up with what the business often wants – an accurate estimate! (if such a thing were possible). So, what is the solution? Storypointing,

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Level: Intermediate

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