Flavia Paganelli

CTO - 30MHz

Co-founder and CTO of 30MHz, a platform to digitize Agriculture, from sensors, to online collaboration. With a background in Computer Science, I've been building software in diverse industries, languages and teams for over 20 years. At TomTom I developed their web route planner, and later on at Layar I built their mobile Augmented Reality app. Experienced cloud engineer, co-wrote three books on AWS for O'Reilly.

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Internet of Tomatoes: a real platform for a real problem

When five years ago we started building a website monitoring tool I had no idea it would become an agriculture platform. I didn't imagine I would be discussing if tomatoes need dark hours to sleep. But don't underestimate how you can innovate the ag world with your technology... I'll tell the story of our platform and how we ended up helping growers in 30 countries, deploying 3.5K sensors and getting data at 4K events per second. I'll share our architecture, how it grew, the challenges, and how we are transforming it to -for example- learn how to grow the best tomatoes.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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