Andreas Grimm

IAM & Serverless Architect, Developer Advocate - Akelius GmbH

Andreas is an expert in Identity & Access Management and a proponent of serverless architectures. Being aware of the fact that having a shared understanding with the business is even more important than technical solutions, he's into aproaches like Domain Driven Design and EventStorming. He's from the community for the community and organizes several meetup groups in Berlin like @DDDBER, @fullstack_JS and @ServerlessBER. twitter: @_andreasgrimm

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Practical Auth in a Serverless World

It became essential for businesses to protect their applications, services and customer data from attackers. If you want to stay competitive, knowing how to efficiently and easily apply security and auth while being aware of the most common pitfalls is key in today’s serverless and serviceful world. After a short recap of some auth fundamentals, you’ll learn how to efficiently apply authentication to Azure Functions using the managed, external Identity Provider Auth0, OAuth 2, JsonWebToken (JWT), the secrets management system Azure Key Vault, Azure Managed Identities and Cloudflare Workers.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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