Rhys Evans

Principal Engineer - Financial Times

I'm Rhys, a former front-end developer who has crossed the road to become a reliability engineer. I work at the Financial Times, building tools to help our other teams operate reliable services. Out of work I spend my time birdwatching, playing musical instruments badly and wondering if the new Alan Partridge series is _ever_ going to arrive on our screens. If you liked my talk, please consider donating to [Refugee Support](https://www.refugeesupport.eu/)

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A field guide to your tech jungle

The FT was a microservices pioneer, and our teams had a lot of freedom to pick the tools & processes they wanted. 5 years on, many people have moved on and those innovative projects are now legacy code. I’ll tell you about our journey, using neo4j graph database & graphQL, towards keeping track of it all.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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