Pieter van der Meer

Data Engineer - Dataworkz

Data Hacker/Engineer The world of Data engineering to process large quantities of data is an exciting one. The more I do with it the more energy I receive from it. Through my participation in a large variety of projects, Voice systems, fraud detection, and b2b, I have a broad experience and as being a dyslexic I tend to think outside the box and see connections that a lot of people do not see

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Fake your way into data science (No programming required!)

Datascience is hot! Just take a look at any hype cycle or the personnel adds. But what kind of people are they actually looking for? In this talk we take the statement that the average scientist is not a scientist or even a developer hence the no programming required, no pun intended. At best it is a glorified data analist that has read a scientific paper or two on machine learning. If you are an Engineer you will have a laugh as a Scientist you might be doing the walk of shame out of the room. All that we are trying to say is we need to learn a lot from each other.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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