Kenny Baas-Schwegler

Consultant - Xebia

A lot of knowledge is lost when designing and building software — lost because of hand-overs in a telephone game, confusing communication by not having a shared language, discussing complexity without visualisation and by not leveraging the full potential and wisdom of the people. That lost knowledge impacts the quality and value of the software product being build. By leveraging Deep Democracy, Domain-Driven Design, Continuous Delivery and visual collaborate tools, Kenny Baas-Schwegler empowers organisations, teams and people in building valuable quality software products.

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Implementing Domain-Driven Design Bounded Context with ports and adapters architecture

Congratulation, you just designed your first potential bounded context for a complex domain, but now what? How do we start modelling? How do we implement that model? How can we keep the model and language consistent with the business? How do we protect our domain model? And how do microservices fit in? In this session where we will explain how we implemented a complex software system within a bounded context. We will leverage the ports and adapter architecture to keep our domain model protected from the technical complexity and how to move to event-driven microservices.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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