Frank Lyaruu

Architect, former CTO - Independent

CTO at Dexels, Senior Architect at Sendrato, and still like to get my hands dirty. Designing interesting architectures, sweat & bleed until they work, and then travel the world to speak at conferences. I’ve spent the last years leading the “replication team” at Dexels to create a replication system to free us from the constraint of only using a SQL database. It wasn’t easy, much of both the theory and the technical realities are still pretty rough. But as they say, you can’t have good war stories without some dark times.

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Too young to quit, too old to change: Saving your legacy applications using Change Data Capture

Old applications are everywhere, even if they work fine, we hate working on them. Can we add features and maintain these without needing to touch them? A technology called "Change Data Capture" can deliver us a way out of this dilemma: We'll take a look at Debezium, a piece of infrastructure software that can connect to our database and streams all mutations to Kafka. This allows us to materialize this data in many different forms, pipe into serverless platforms, or even into machine learning endpoints. What do we need to make this work effectively? And what pitfalls do we find?

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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