Piet van Dongen

Senior Software Engineer - Luminis

Piet loves to dive deep into stuff. When he's done, he will explain it to you with great enthusiasm and humor. Even if the subject is super dry and boring. HTTP/2 internals? Piet breaks out his hacksaw. IoT architecture? Piet creates a drum computer the audience can play with from the comfort of their seats. Why? Because he thinks it is essential that we share what we do and know. That's the best way to collectively get better at what we do.

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Fail Fast IoT: accelerated innovation with cloud-powered hardware

Ever wondered how to combine the worlds of slow hardware and fast-paced software development? Look no further: Fail Fast IoT is you answer! These days you need a few things to get and stay ahead: speed of innovation, high availability, scalability and user-centric experiences. Software companies are moving to cloud-native, but what if you develop IoT products? Hardware development seems slow and expensive. But it no longer is! During this talk, Piet will demonstrate how to leverage AWS and Amazon FreeRTOS to gain software innovation speeds in the world of hardware and IoT.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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