Diversity & Inclusion

”We code the future. Together

Our motto is clear… The word together is not only about how our core is based on community-oriented approaches or just our unconditional love for technology but it also mainly states that by joining our projects you will feel at ease into a very inclusive environment. We always try to give people that collab with us, the feeling of freedom to express by joining a homey environment, focused on their special interest in technology {🧡}


Diversity is a topic that has always been cared about here in Codemotion and it is a driver for all the projects that we organize. 

Diversify tech is an essential stage to its continuous development, as great ideas and innovation don’t come with labels, but from voices sharing their knowledge and points of view. That is why, we only stand for the ‘’People’’ category and all people regardless of ethnicity, religion, disability, physical appearance or gender, are welcome to our conferences. 


Is there diversity in Codemotion conferences?

Oh yes! Since we love people, we are trying to make them feel as comfortable as possible during our conferences. This can be translated into:

  • Food at the conference: We try to include options that accommodate food preferences and dietary restrictions
  • Gender free restrooms: You’ll find them in our location
  • Accessibility: We try to select conference venues considering people with physical disabilities, in order to permit easy access to most and/or all the areas of the location. In addition, we are also reviewing all our signage graphics for people with visual disabilities.
  • Assistance: We have assistants that are willing to help you with information or guide you through the venue. They’re present everywhere, wearing orange t-shirts. Our team is also around, so please do not hesitate to ask us, should you have any type of request.
  • Check-in: In our check-in area you will be provided with a badge with your details.  You will also find some stickers with pronouns to attach on the badge. Pronouns are the words people use to refer to you, such as “he”, “she” or “they” (yes, a singular they). Feel free to grab the one that represents you the most.
  • Diversity initiative: Each of our conferences includes a diversity initiative addressed to under-represented groups. We want to welcome everybody in Codemotion, so we reserve a special batch of free tickets for them. See more information about Diversity Initiative Codemotion Amsterdam 2020
  • Photos and video recording: By joining our conference you are going to see photographers and cameras moving around the venue. Photos and recordings are not selected based on Marketing strategies, but provide a view of the mood of our conference… so if you appear on our photos and videos, don’t forget to share it and tag us.
  • Agenda & conference content: All our agendas have a Diversity in tech track, that is meant to inspire and empower all attendees with the diversity topic and how this is the key to progress.

Last but not least, please check out our Code of Conduct and do not hesitate to contact us at amsterdam@codemotionworld.com  for additional information.

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