User Centered Scrum


Creating software is seen as a field of technology and logic and has become one of the best in ensuring high productivity due to the empiricism adopted by Agile work and the framework Scrum. Mandy states that software development is, at its core, a very creative process that drives innovation and has a massive impact on millions of people worldwide. You, as member of the development team, have the responsibility for the people who are actually going to use and be impacted by your software. But how can you embed this ‘user centered perspective’ in Scrum whilst maintaining high productivity?

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Mandy Wertwijn

Agile Coach - Empathy Consultancy

Mandy Wertwijn is a specialist in Agile processes and Human-Computer Interaction. She has a MSc. in both Social and Information Sciences and she combines this knowledge as an Agile Coach & Scrum Master. With her company Empathy Consultancy she aims on bridging the gap between development teams and their users.

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