Deliver Data at Scale, at the Edge and in the Cloud - sponsored by Mouser Electronics


IoT revolution is ended. Thanks to hardware improvement, building an intelligent ecosystem is easier than never before for both startups and large-scale enterprises. The real challenge is now to connect, process, store and analyze data: in the cloud, but also, at the edge. We’ll give a quick look on frameworks that aggregate dispersed devices data into a single global optimized system allowing to improve operational efficiency, to predict maintenance, to track asset in real-time, to secure cloud-connected devices and much more.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Francesco Baldassari

Head of Developer Relations - MetaRing

Francesco Baldassarri is a Developer Relations (DevRel), Technical Marketing and Program Manager, an Innovation Evangelist and a Community Leader. He worked for several main player in IT panorama. Currently, he is COO and Head of DevRel within MetaRing, an Italian company. In spare time, he is a retro-computing and retro-development lover,

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