Our journey into Cassandra performance optimisation


In Relay42 we need to handle real-time reprocessing of data with expiring TTLs. Due to the large amount of data that we have to store, we use Cassandra as our storage medium. The reprocessing of this data can include intensive deletion of data that results in the creation of tombstones, an issue that affected the performance of our entire platform. During this talk we will share the steps we took for fixing this issue, starting from the discovery, the monitoring, the cluster specific tweaking and the code changes that we had to do.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Andreea Marin

Senior Software Engineer - Relay42

Andreea is a Senior Software Engineer at Relay42 where she combines her two passions: solving challenging technical issues and mentoring people. Andreea believes not only in writing code, but in constantly monitoring your services and being able to diagnose any type of issues. She has been working in diverse domains like trading, retail and marketing. When she is not hitting the keyboard, you can find her hiking at high altitudes.

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