Building your own ride share app


When was the last time you were truly lost? Thanks to the maps and location technology in our phones, a whole generation has now grown up in a world where getting lost is truly a thing of the past. Location technology goes far beyond maps in the palm of our hand, however. In this talk, we will explore how a ridesharing app works. How do we discover our destination?How do we find the closest driver? How do we display this information on a map? How do we find the best route?To answer these questions,we will be learning about a variety of location APIs, including Maps, Positioning, Geocoding etc

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Richard Süselbeck

Principal Developer Evangelist - HERE Technologies

One day, a young Richard decided that he rather enjoyed Indiana Jones and would therefore become an archaeologist. To prepare for this exciting future, he got himself a summer job on an archaeological dig. One evening the man in charge took him aside, looked at him and said:Don't become an archaeologist.So,Richard got himself a PhD in distributed computing instead, and embarked on a career in tech. At some point he got lost in the middle of Mongolia. That day he realized the importance of great maps. This led him to HERE, where he helps developers find their way using location technology.

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