The Future of...You!


Are you used to going to talks about the future of coding, social media, or blockchain? How about the future of YOU? Self Development, Agility, Leadership - blah blah buzz words or is it for me? If you would like to have more influence over how things are done, an increase in meaning for both you and your teams, and in some cases a seat on the board, then Yes. My client stories show how small shifts of the mind helped them make significant differences to team spirit, leadership, and their own personal growth. There is more than one way to lead... ...but it always starts with YOU!

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Olivia Schofield

Founder - Spectacular Speaking

Founder of Spectacular Speaking and Vocal Women. Olivia is an International award-winning speaker. She specialises in getting scientists, geeks, and tech people, to shine in their presentation and communication skills, helping them along their leadership track. She has worked as an Executive Trainer and Keynote Speaker on 5 continents in 24 countries. Her clients include AmEx, BNP Paribas, Roche, Shell, Zalando, IBM, and Microsoft. A lesser known fact about her. ... She worked in a circus as a magician's assistant... in Mexico.

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