What we learned from 20.000 attacks bypassing defenses in 2018: secure coding is not the issue


Eward Driehuis, SecureLink's research chief, will guide you through the bumpy ride we call the cyber threat landscape. As the industry has over a decade of experience of dealing with increasingly sophisticated attacks, you might be surprised to hear more attacks slip through the cracks than ever. From analyzing 20.000 of them in 2018, backed by a quarter of a million security events and over ten trillion data points, Eward will outline why this happens, how attacks are changing, and why it doesn't matter how neatly or securely you code.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Eward Driehuis

Chief Research Officer - SecureLink

Eward is an IT veteran of over 20 years, in security, software and infra, with a background in design. Working in research, threat intelligence and analytics, he has a knack for connecting the dots and asking the right questions. Eward is an established speaker at international events such as RSA and FS-ISAC, with years of experience fighting cybercrime with banks, law enforcement & corporates globally. His CV includes roles as CTO and Business Director in Software and IT. Before joining SecureLink he spent 9 years in Fox-IT heading their threat intelligence and advanced analytics products.

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