Fake News Detection Based on Natural Language Processing


Since the 2016 US election, fake news has been one of the hottest topics particularly in the political world. Fake news refers to fabricated news which is spread over the media and aims to serve a specific idea or group. News manipulation and lack of trust in the media are growing problems and impact society. Due to the nature of fake news, it is tough for humans to detect this phenomena. However, different techniques in machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence could help us fight this situation.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Halleh Khoshnevis

Machine Learning Engineer - Trifork

Having trained as a computer scientist during my B.Sc. and M.Sc with the focus on Artificial Intelligence, I found my great passion towards pattern recognition and machine learning. Designing and implementing a Multi-Factor Authentication Platform for biometric solutions, a Virtual Expert for one of the largest car service corporate in the Netherlands to assist the unexperienced employees to support the clients in the best way and a Virtual Consultant to consult dietists about the nutrition habit of the user are one part of my achievements in my career.

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