Designing Apps in the Age of Media Streaming: Optimize Your Content for TV


With the advent of media streaming, consumption of content via Smart TVs and Streaming Media Players is skyrocketing. However, designing and developing apps for the Big Screen provides unique challenges: crafting an easy-to-navigate UI, implementing a fail-proof login experience, introducing new monetization models and more. In this session you will learn: • How to implement a solid TV-centric UI/UX • Navigate through case studies and scenarios for the 10-foot experience • Developer tools and APIs that facilitate the creation of high quality TV-centric apps

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Mario Viviani

EU Technology Evangelist - Amazon

Mario Viviani is EU Technology Evangelist at Amazon. He started mobile development in 2010 and published more than 90 apps achieving more than 12 million total downloads. He’s a worldwide speaker at events including Droidcon, Casual Connect and Google I/O. As EU Technology Evangelist, engages with the mobile apps and games developer community, presents Amazon newest technologies and ensures mobile app developers are up-to-date on Amazon devices and services.

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