Keeping your head cool with a serverless voice controlled fan


Do you also wake up sweating during those hot summer nights, but you are too lazy to get out of bed to turn a fan on? Using serverless with Firebase Cloud Functions, Google Assistant, a Raspberry Pi and a bit of wiring I turned my old fan in a state of the art fan with voice control. Now I enjoy the luxury of no longer having to get up to turn it on/off when it's too hot, cold or noisy. In this talk I will show you how easy it is to give your fan a second life while you are living a more luxurious life. Additionally, it might inspire you to do something comparable yourself!

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Paco van Beckhoven

Software Engineer - OpenValue

Perfectionist. Software Engineer. Likes to make things move using code and some electronics. Challenges the world around him.

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