Controlling drones with JavaScript


We're pretty used to drones flying around us by now. Until now most of these drones were still controlled by a human operator. But what if we could control them solely using our code? In this talk I will show how to control multiple drones using JavaScript. With the help of Node.js we'll send commands to the drones and read back their telemetry. I will talk about the difficulties of flying and keeping control of a drone completely without human interference. In the second part we will actually send the drones flying and I'll ask two audience members to participate in a small 'drone' game.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Jasper Schulte

CTO for hire -

Hacker Founder. Founded my own company that I ran for 10 years. Sold my shares in 2015 and started freelancing: Helping start/scale-ups grow from a group of hackers to a highly efficient and powerful dev team.

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