Digital Contracts: is code really law? Validity and enforcement of agreements in the digital world


Smart Contracts and similar digital instruments have been regarded by some as digital instruments that will replace paper-based agreements. Issues, however, rise when faced with legal validity and enforceability in a court of law. From the digitally recorded parties' intent to the self-enforcing functionality, a digitally recorded agreement seem to clash with contract law, ownership and dispute resolution principles. The exponential growth of digital transactions and digital life, in general, requires those question to be answered in order to guarantee legal certainty in the digital world.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Alessandro Mazzi

Owner/Legal Consultant - AM Legal

I am a creative legal expert with a professional passion for freedom projects, disruptive technologies, future-proof businesses and, regulatory challenges. I established AM Legal in 2015, with the aim to serve, from a very early age, game-changing projects with solution-driven legal advise. AM Legal practice focuses on Commercial Contracting, IP strategy, Blockchain projects, RegTech, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Commercial Mediation, Partnership Agreements, EU Privacy Compliance. Aside from my practice, I am interested in ocean conservation, high seas governance, and green tech.

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