What can philosophy teach us about programming


If Socrates met Linus Torvalds, what would they talk about? How much math should be bundled into a good programming language? Can compiler resolve an argument and prove, that someone is right? Trough semantics of code, that we write every day, when looking carefully, one can see foundations of logic and science, that has been build more than 2000 years ago. Why does it matter, and how can we leverage this enormous power to make our code safe and sound in languages with advanced type systems, like Typescript and Scala.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Mike Kotsur

Tech Lead - Elsevier

Tech lead, OSS contributor, speaker, functional programming advocate, father, mountaineer. Mike has been coding full stack in different languages and domains for more than 13 years, which gave him a lot of insight and developed a healthy bias towards functional programming and strong typization. He's founded "Typesafe Utrecht", a meetup, which turned into a place, where people share the latest news and insights about typesafe functional programming.

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