Configuration management and service discovery in a serverless world


Your system is composed of highly decoupled, independent, fast, and modular microservices. But how can they share common configurations, dynamic endpoints, database references, and properly rotate secrets? Based on the size and complexity of your serverless system, you may simply use environment variables or eventually opt for some sort of centralized store. During this session, I will present the ideal solutions and some of the alternatives available on AWS (such as Parameter Store and AWS Secrets Manager). I will also discuss the best use cases for each solution and the corresponding best pr

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Alex Casalboni

Sr. Technical Evangelist - Amazon Web Services

Alex has been building web products and helping other builders learn from his experience since 2011. He’s been contributing to open-source projects such as the Serverless Framework and AWS SAM. As a Sr. Technical Evangelist, Alex often speaks technical conferences across the world, supports developer communities and helps them build applications in the cloud. He is particularly interested in serverless architectures, ML, and data analytics.In his free time, Alex loves snowboarding, jogging, traveling, and playing his saxophone.

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