React, the Inglorious way


If you haven't read all of the docs, or you have learnt React just from experience, there's a chance you missed some gotchas, patterns, and features, thus preventing you to build more robust and performant applications. For example, when is it better to use Higher Order Components than Render Props? Why is a functional component slower than a class component? And why are hooks better than Recompose? In this talk we will uncover all of React's deepest secrets and newest features, how to use them, and especially why.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Matteo Antony Mistretta

Founder/CEO/CTO/Intern - Inglorious Coderz

Antony is a software engineer with a passion for simple code and elegant architectures. Full-stack developer with a particular interest for the most bleeding-edge technologies, he loves to transmit his passion and attention to detail. Freelance consultant and founder of Inglorious Coderz, he currently develops web and mobile projects, gives advanced courses on various technologies, and coaches on Agile Development, Design Patterns, and Clean Code. He is also IT Mentor for the European Innovation Academy and a Codemotion Training teacher.

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