A different perspective in diversity in IT: working parents


After maternity leave world is upside down while rest of world life is the same. Be prepared for challenges. For instance, do not be shocked if you are asked provide a performance improvement plan. It is also possible that after going through a stressful period, the only option left for you is a fresh start and eventually, you change your job. If you are a breast feeding be prepared for another chapter of challenges. In this talk, I would like to raise awareness so that working parents are supported and embraced better in regard of a diverse working environment.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Yaprak Ayazoglu

Frontend Developer - Front Connect

I was graduated from Electrical and Electronics engineering and finished my M.S. degree in Cloud Computing in Software Engineering, in which I met with web based technologies and fall in love with frontend technologies. I've been working as a frontend developer from then on. My main focus on JavaScript related frameworks and technologies. In addition to my work, I'm voluntarily supporting an online apprenticeship platform(http://lonca.works/en.html).

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