From 100 to 1000+ deployments a day


Coolblue is a proud Dutch company, with a large internal development department; one that truly takes CI/CD to heart. Empowerment through automation is at the heart of these development teams, and with more than 1000 deployments a day, we think it's working out quite well. In this session, Pat Hermens (a Development Managers) will step you through what enables us to move so quickly, which tools we use, and most importantly, the mindset that is required to enable development teams to deliver at such a rapid pace.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Pat Hermens

Development Manager - Coolblue

I’m a loud Australian that’s been living in the Netherlands for a few years – and still trying my best to learn Dutch... I'm currently a Development Manager at Coolblue, based in Rotterdam, but don't let the title confuse you: I still love coding. At risk of sounding cliché; I’m an skilled .Net developer, experienced public speaker, husband and father, but most of all, a geek.

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