Upgrade Time: Choose Java 11 or the "other" oneā€¦ Kotlin


Kotlin is the new upcoming JVM language and is well known for Android development. However, the popularity of Kotlin in server-side applications has been growing exponentially over the last years. Embracing simplicity, readability, and interoperability, Kotlin profiles itself as the new way to go. Most of the Java applications are written in Java 8 nowadays and people are looking around to upgrade to Java 11 or even migrating to Kotlin. Both are promoted as the new way to go and both have their own strengths. During a live coding session, steps of a smooth migration to Kotlin are demonstrated.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Paulien van Alst

Software engineer - Open Value

Paulien is a passionate software engineer in love with readable, reliable and testable code, independent on the language or technology used. Besides Java, she is also specializing in Kotlin and likes to share her thoughts about it. In her free time, she likes to sport, rugby, cycling and swimming in particular

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