Should the CTO be Coding?


What is the job of a CTO and how does it change as a startup grows in size and scale? As a CTO, where should you spend your focus? As an engineer aspiring to be a CTO, what skills should you pursue? In this inspiring and personal talk, I describe my journey from early Red Hat engineer to CTO at Bloomon. I will share my view on what it means to be a CTO, and ultimately answer the question: Should the CTO be coding?

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Joshua Hoffman

CTO - Blendle

Joshua Hoffman is a 20+ years experienced engineer and technical leader. As an early RedHat engineer, Hoffman consulted for organizations across North America, Europe, and Asia, and created RedHat's award winning Virtual Training platform. Hoffman served as Director of Infrastructure for Tumblr, leading the team that built Tumblr's open source datacenter automation tool Collins. At SoundCloud, he served as Technical Director, leading the team that created the popular open source metrics platform Prometheus. He now serves as CTO for Blendle.

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