Managing your Black Friday Logs


Monitoring an entire application is not a simple task, but with the right tools it is not a hard task either. However, events like Black Friday can push your application to the limit, and even cause crashes. As the system is stressed, it generates a lot more logs, which may crash the monitoring system as well. In this talk I will walk through the best practices when using the Elastic Stack to centralize and monitor your logs. I will also share some tricks to help you with the huge increase of traffic typical in Black Fridays.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Pablo Musa

Educational Engineer - Elastic

Pablo Musa has 9 years of experience in the Internet software industry, 4 of those as a big data architect. Pablo has developed and managed large Hadoop and Elasticsearch clusters with millions of sensitive documents and a 100 terabytes of data. Today, Pablo Musa is excited to blend his love for teaching, elasticsearch, and building great software into his role as an educational engineer at Elastic where he enjoys helping enable other engineer at Elastic where he enjoys helping enable other engineers to build amazing products using the Elastic Stack.

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