Stereoscopic Style Transfer AI - Art is not what you see?


What if Virtual Reality glasses could transform your environment into a three-dimensional work of art in realtime in the style of a painting from Van Gogh? One of the many interesting developments in the field of Deep Learning is the so called "Style Transfer". It describes a possibility to create a patchwork (or pastiche) from two images. While one of these images defines the the artistic style of the result picture, the other one is used for extracting the image content. A team from TNG Technology Consulting managed to build an AI showcase using OpenCV and Tensorflow to realize such goggles.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Martin Förtsch

Principal Consultant - TNG Technology Consulting GmbH

Martin Förtsch studied computer science and is working as a software consultant for Munich based IT consulting company TNG Technology Consulting GmbH. Occupational his focus areas are Agile Development with Java, search engine technologies and databases. As an Intel Software Innovator he is strongly involved in the development of software for gesture control with 3D-cameras like Intel RealSense and built an Augmented Reality wearable device based on this technology.

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Thomas Endres

Associate Partner - TNG Technology Consulting GmbH

In his role as an Associate Partner for TNG Technology Consulting in Munich, Thomas Endres works as an IT consultant. Besides his normal work for the company and the customers he is creating various prototypes - like a telepresence robotics system with which you can see reality through the eyes of a robot, or an Augmented Reality AI that shows the world from the perspective of an artist. He is working on various applications in the fields of AR/VR, AI and gesture control, putting them to use e.g. in autonomous or gesture controlled drones. But he is also involved in other open source projects.

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