Building a network of APIs for a future-proof integrated architecture


Most organisations today have many applications in their architecture. For business processes to work efficiently, these systems need to communicate. But is it enough just to write code that integrates them? Come along to learn how to integrate your IT architecture by building a network of APIs. This approach relies on the principles of microservice architecture where business processes are broken down into small services, ensuring reusability and loose-coupling of components. Leverage your IT system into a robust platform that enables your organisation to change faster than your competitors.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Desy Kristianti

Technology Consultant - Deloitte

Desy Kristianti is a Technology Consultant at Deloitte. She specialises in Enterprise Integrations using middleware tools such as MuleSoft and Dell Boomi to create a network of applications. She has delivered large digital transformation programmes building integrations to reduce architecture complexity and deliver more customer centric business strategies. Desy is also a City Leader at Women Who Code (WWCode) Belfast, a non-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring women to excel in the technology sector.

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