Performance Testing for DevOps in the Cloud


Performance tests are not only an important instrument for understanding a system and its runtime environment. It is also essential in order to check stability and scalability – non-functional requirements that might be decisive for success. But won't my cloud hosting service scale for me as long as I can afford it? Yes, but… It only operates and scales resources. It won't automatically make your system fast, stable and scalable. This talk shows how such and comparable questions can be clarified with performance tests and how DevOps teams benefit from regular test practise.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Lars Wolff

CEO - StormForger

Lars Wolff is co-founder of StormForger, a performance testing SaaS for DevOps. He is working in software development for web based systems as an engineer and agile coach for years. Today he mainly helps teams to deliver reliable, scalable and fast systems. He’s in love with The Cloud, DevOps, Scrum, Kanban, Whiteboards and Post-its®.

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