First Steps As A Lead


So you decided to become a lead, or you just became one! Now what? In this talk, Dan walks you through his journey of switching roles, from a Senior Software Engineer to an Engineering Lead. He will also share his experiences, learnings and challenges during his first year as a lead. He’ll talk about the reasons he decided to take this new role, his first steps and initial impressions about being a lead and about how this role helped him grow. He’ll share his mistakes, learnings and early wins. He’ll provide hints to people who plan to take the leading path, to help them smoothen their way.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Dan Persa

Engineering Manger - SumUp

Dan is leading the Logistics Team at SumUp. Over a million businesses like rely on SumUp to get paid. The Logistics Squad is creating a seamless and transparent delivery and return process for all merchants and internal stakeholders to establish and keep a trustful relationship. Dan oversees development related to logistics related functions important to SumUp’s customers. He’s a big fan of clean code, software craftsmanship and open source. He enjoys mentoring new developers, organizing coder dojos and giving tech talks.

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